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Advisory Committee Agenda:
February 23, 2004

2/23 Info-Eyes Advisory Committee Agenda Draft

  1. Welcome and Introduction - Diana/Tom/Lori

  2. Website update - Lori

  3. Do we want to postpone the opening? Do a "soft launch" with limited text chat hours & email until full service on March 22? - Diana/Lori/Tom
    1. Decisions will be posted to the web site

  4. Basic Question Point chat as an alternative - Lori
    1. Guidelines for that: answering one question at a time - Lori
    2. Training on basic chat - Lori
    3. What this means to those who are already manning both (ISL & LOC) - Diana

  5. Overall discussion of how things are going: thoughts, hopes, problems, concerns - Diana/Lori/Tom

  6. Technical Support - Jeff Penka/OCLC

  7. Training needs:
    Is further training on QP Enhanced needed? First Search? iVocalize? - Diana

  8. Web OPACs - Lori
    1. What will we use each other's OPACs for (any guidelines) - Lori
    2. Demo of OPACs 1 Klas Demo & a demo for each other OPAC type (do or schedule brief tours with tips & tricks) - Lori

  9. E-Resource update and questions - Diana/Lori/Tom
    1. Patron access or librarian only access (librarian only) - Diana
    2. iVocalize room as a training room for web OPAC's, etc., to introduce an information literacy aspect to InfoEyes, possibly teaching patrons how to do basic research with search engines, online catalogs, FirstSearch - Diana/Lori/Tom
      1. Additional training needs for utilizing iVocalize in this way - Diana
    3. Will we be able to use our own electronic resources? - Lori
      1. When working the desk, everyone should only use the free web and the First Search sources available to us in the trial. If the question cannot be answered using these resources, the question should be referred to the patron's library. It will muddy the waters if we use our own and legally we cannot unless a question is referred upon the basis the librarian knows the library has that resource. -- Lori
      2. When to refer a patron to their home library? - Lori
      3. Lori will send out the survey listing the e-resources each library has. - Lori
      4. Policies on application sharing: is it a potential violation of state licensing that APPL SHARE remains open for further searching after the QPE session has ended? - Diana

  10. Holidays update - Diana

  11. Wolfner Withdrawal: rescheduling - Diana

  12. Publicity update: Finalize the press release (either from OCLC or MO) before we announce the start of the service in March. - Lori
    1. Who will send to which list-serv, etc.? Any current plans? - Lori

  13. Evaluation update - Tom

Future Fun & Funding

  1. IMLS grant update & Future Funding of the QPE profile beyond August 2004 if IMLS funding is not awarded - Tom

  2. Scheduling of future advisory committee meetings - Diana

  3. Get together at the NLS conference in South Dakota for a meal or an hour to meet in person and discuss the project. Even those not involved in the project would be welcome - if they came to the dinner or whatever, they would just know that the discussion would be InfoEyes. Maybe we could recruit more libraries that way too. As the agenda for the NLS conference comes out, maybe we can discuss a time that would be good for everyone. - Lori