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Advisory Committee Agenda:
August 27, 2004

Meeting time: Monday, September 27 at 11:00am central / 12:00pm eastern (9:00am pacific / 10:00am mountain)

Meeting place: Go to:
Input your name and click Enter to go into the meeting room.

  1. Welcome everyone. Several decisions need to be made at this meeting. Unfortunately we did not get IMLS funding.

  2. Need volunteer to take minutes for this meeting.

  3. Report from NLS Digital Planning meeting: issues that could impact InfoEyes. (Lori Bell)

  4. Need to explore other funding options. Any ideas? Does anyone wish to commit themselves to this cause?

  5. Various service options:
    1. continue as always
    2. continue with ivocalize training sessions, live ivocalize and email reference (without question point)
    3. continue with ivocalize training sessions, live ivocalize and email reference (suspend use of question point, and come to a decision about its inclusion once we've reviewed the latest version and determined its potential accessibility issues)
    4. offer email reference only (no live reference), along with scheduled ivocalize training sessions

Discuss the pros and cons of each of these options. How do they affect time management, patron services, project goals? Will the option we choose be the determining factor for or against participation for some libraries?

  1. What would be needed from participating libraries to keep InfoEyes functioning without additional funding?
    1. Willingness to publicize the service.
    2. Willingness to participate a specific number of hours per month on the desk or in lieu of time, the ability to fund some aspect of the service (shared cost of OCLC profile, proprietary databases, other costs?)
    3. Willingness to share some of the responsibility for project organization:
      1. updating of desk schedule
      2. meeting facilitation
      3. taking meeting minutes
      4. maintaining and updating web site
      5. conducting ivocalize training sessions for patrons
      6. inputting questions into the QP database
      7. training new participating libraries
      8. other responsibilities?

[Discussion of above.]

  1. Vote on service options (see agenda item number 5).

  2. Roll call of libraries: What decisions have been made about participation and contributions toward reference desk coverage, financial and organizational needs?

  3. Discussion and summary of immediate plan of action.

  4. Wrap up. Anything else? Thanks, all of you, for your work, effort and cooperation!