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Meeting Minutes: October 20, 2005

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting


Blaine Redemer, Catherine Durivage, Diana Sussman, Gloria Leonard, Joe Thompson, Laurie Bartolini, Linda Rossman, Meghan Clark McDaniel, Robin Rousu, Jeff Penka


This meeting was held in an online iVocalize room.

1) Usage statistics report - Catherine

There have been 20 questions submitted through the QuestionPoint entry point so far this month of October. This ties with February 2005, which was our 3rd best month so far. The record number of questions for a month is 25.

2) Update on New Schedule - Questions, concerns, etc.

This is our first month into the new schedule. Catherine received 5 questions on her Friday shift alone! She checked at least 3 times. Meghan checked very frequently. Catherine said she appreciates no longer having one set slot of time when she's tied to her computer, as we did when regularly scheduled on iVocalize. Patrons do have the option to send us a survey. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

3) Update on OCLC

OCLC is working on way to distinguish between incoming email questions versus live questions. Today we're using one web form for both types of questions. OCLC is working on creating 2 separate forms for us. Like all new questions, when a request for "live" service comes in through the form the messages are going to our InfoEyes listserv. Once separate forms are developed, these forms will help us to collect different data. For example, the Live request form might ask for specific times when the patron is available.

How do we let everyone know if we are going to work on a request for live service? When the notification comes to the listserv that there is a new question, if the question is a live service request and you want to take it, reply "got it" to the email letting the entire InfoEyes listserv know. Then, go into QuestionPoint, claim the question as you normally would with any email question, and answer the person's request initially by e-mail and email the person to set up the time that you are available to meet with him or her. We need to work on scripts to better facilitate this. For example, a script might say:

"We received your request for live service. It is currently 2:00pm Central time on Tuesday, November 23. I am in our online reference room right now. To meet me there, simply click the following link: . If you have never used this service before, a small applet may quickly download onto your computer. You will then be brought to a screen where you can type in your name, and then hit "enter." This will bring you into our online reference room. If you are not able to meet me right now, please reply to this email with some days and times that would be more convenient to you. Sincerely, InfoEyes Librarian."

Right now we're seeing both email and "live" notifications come into the listserv. Once we get two separate forms, the only listserv notification we'll see notifying us of incoming questions will be for "live" schedule requests.

When we get two separate entry forms, it will work like this: When the patron clicks the link to request live service, they get a form that maybe asks their time zone, email address, and when they want service. They might check ASAP and then also fill in specific days and times. This web form will have an "account" with our listserv as the "notification email address." The email will be "pre-penned" so that when it gets to the listserv it says something like "live request."

4) QuestionPoint - claiming, answering and closing questions - review

We discussed the possibility of setting up Institution-wide scripts that any of us could use when responding to a request for live service, or when answering an e-mail question.

QuestionPoint does allow for 25 scripted messages to be pre-programmed. Once the separate entry form is developed for requesting live service, we can assume that both the live request and e-mail accounts would allow for 25 scripted messages each. The service administrators can use the "Ask" function they see on the My QuestionPoint screen to add and modify these scripts.

Any of us can use these system-wide Institution scripts when answering a question. Below and to the right of the large "Answer" field you'll see a pulldown menu marked, "-- Select Institution Script --". You'll see our abbreviated names for these scripts. Pick one and select the plus (+) sign to the right. The scripted message will then appear within the Answer area. You can make modifications to it there, add more text to your message, or even remove it if it's not what you really wanted to say.

Any one of us can also create our own personal scripts that only we can see. To do this, log into QuestionPoint. From the My QuestionPoint screen, select the "Ask" link in the "Quick Links" section. Select the "Settings" tab and "My Scripts." Each of us may also create personal "My URL Scripts" if there are certain web pages that we would like to suggest to people often. Jeff showed a demonstration of this with a Test question.

Catherine said that in the future there will be 2 different forms, so we should be able to have systemwide scripts geared to live requests and scripts geared to answering e-mail questions. Joe offered to create the e-mail question scripts. Diana will suggest scripts that relate to live requests.

Robin asked how patrons can write us back to a question we have answered by e-mail. Patrons may reply to an answer from us. Their reply does show as appended part of the larger question. It's all one thread appearing together. We get notified by e-mail that a new response has been received. Within 90 days of being coded as Closed, a session will be reset to Active if a patron sends a reply. It Was asked if the feedback message goes to the listserv or the individual librarian who originally answered the question. Catherine said that in her experience, she has gotten the reply notice in her own e-mail. Linda has also seen a few surveys addressed just to her.

It was asked how long we should wait until we code a question as Closed. Within 90 days the patron will have the option to reply on something that we have coded as Closed. After that time it goes into the service history. You can still pull it up to analyze trends. After you've answered a question, it makes sense to send it to Closed.

Catherine asked about offering surveys. Jeff said that there are a variety of survey options available in QP. You can configure these in your InfoEyes Administrative account. There are about 20 options of survey questions. Patrons are not required to fill out the survey, but we definitely like to hear it if they do!

5) Public Relations

Linda said that the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) was interested in writing an article about InfoEyes.

The question was asked about how we should respond to representatives from companies trying to sell their products. Linda doesn't feel like it's a role of our service to help people sell their products. She agrees with Diana that we should be referring people back to their local talking book library to do this. Diana suggests pointing these people to NLS's Find a Library to find their local NLS library.

6) Web Site

Ann Hay at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library is working on making updates to the web site. She has the minutes since September. The contact information for the libraries participating in InfoEyes needs to be updated. Someone from each state should send to Catherine the person serving as contact in each state. At least one person's contact name is needed.

Linda noted that the Help page needs updating as well. Ann promises that updates will get done soon.

7) Misc.

Catherine let us know that she'll be working with David Leslie of OCLC on the live request form. We really want to start publicizing the service as soon as the new form is available.

Diana thanked Catherine and Linda for taking over project management and leading the meetings. Catherine thanked Jeff (QuestionPoint) and Laurie (Illinois State Library) for participating as guests.

Catherine adjourned the meeting at 1:59 p.m. CT. The next meeting is Nov. 17th at 1:00 p.m. CT. There will be a message on the listserv about it before then.

Minutes recorded by: Diana Sussman and Joe Thompson
Minutes submitted by: Joe Thompson
(rev. 11/4/05)