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Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2006

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting


Catherine Durivage, Linda Rossman, Kathie Corrigan, Diana Sussman, Meghan Clark McDaniel, Sharon Ruda, Joe Thompson


Online iVocalize Room


2:00 pm Eastern / 1:00 pm Central

1. Statistical Reporting-Catherine Durivage

Catherine: February stats are up on the web site. 25 for the month. We are still operating at about one question a day. We are getting a variety of topics asked and seeing repeat usage from people who are happy with the service previously received.

Catherine noted that survey reports can be generated as needed.

2. Discuss Meeting Schedule--All

Linda noted that the service has been going along very smoothly, and suggested that maybe this committee could meet every other month, instead of every month as we do now.

Diana said that other groups she has been on have moved to meeting less frequently after things are up and running smoothly. Sharon agreed that we may be at a stage in InfoEyes where we could do that.

The consensus was that every-other month meetings would work fine. So, the next InfoEyes meeting will be on May 18, 2006 on the 3rd Thursday of the month. We will have ad hoc meetings as needed additionally when necessary.

Meghan will sub for Joe in taking the minutes in May.

3. Referral Partnerships-Linda

Seattle Public Library is now partnering with Washington State. Seattle public shows as a referral partner when we log into QP with our InfoEyes logins.

Joe suggested that Maryland AskUsNow! could probably also be set as a referral partner, since these libraries are now using QuestionPoint for e-mail followup. Joe and Linda will look into making this happen.

4. Old/New Business

Catherine was hoping to have an online form available by now for customers to request live chat, but it hasn't been able to happen yet. We are still moving ahead on this.

Catherine asked if anyone has put together any new training materials regarding using iVocalize. No one in the meeting has since Diana put together materials, but it is possible that some new materials might be available through OPAL, Talking Communities, or directly from the iVocalize company.

Joe mentioned that he is on the agenda at the upcoming Computers in Libraries conference in Washington, DC to give a presentation where InfoEyes is one of two main topics he will present.

Joe gave a quick overview of what has occurred for those libraries involved in the QuestionPoint Flash Chat transition. He hasn't seen any documentation that confirms the new platform will be fully accessible to screen readers when launched on March 18, however periodically when lists of future improvements are provided by QP, accessibility is always in the list.

Next Meeting:

May 18, 2006 at 2:00 pm Eastern / 1:00 pm Central
(Meetings now held every-other month)

Minutes submitted by Joe Thompson