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Meeting Minutes: February 16, 2012

InfoEyes Meeting Minutes


Via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Linda Rossman, Julie Strange, Eura Szuwalski and Dan Malosh

Statistics Report

Linda informed everyone that we had 4 questions in February and 8 in January. The partnership with Accessible World has still proven to be successful.

InfoEyes Invoices

The invoices for fiscal year 2012 will go out in the next couple of weeks. Massachusetts is now acting as fiscal agent for InfoEyes. The total cost for most libraries will be $78.75.

Current Schedule and Claiming Questions

Linda explained the schedule for library monitoring and will email out the link to the Yahoo calendar. Washington monitors on Monday, Maryland on Tuesday, Wednesday is shared by librarians in Massachusetts, Thursday is Massachusetts official day and Friday is monitored by Minnesota. Linda reminded everyone that emails are sent whenever a message comes into the system, but everyone should check the site periodically on the day they are assigned. She also encouraged everyone to claim questions that were left unanswered from the previous day.

Knowledge Database Update

Linda reminded everyone that there are over 400 records of past questions and answers in the Knowledge Base on the InfoEyes site. This database is searchable and can be helpful when answering questions. To find the database, go to QuestionPoint, and look to the links on the side. The Knowledge Base is listed as a Quick Link.

Other Business

Linda reported that she has had several marketing meetings with Julie Strange and Catherine Durivage to future marketing ideas to promote InfoEyes. As of yet they have not come to any decisions. There will be some updates to the website, which Minnesota is spearheading.

Linda gave everyone her contact number and email address in case they have questions or comments: (617) 972-7245 and

Next Quarterly meeting

The next quarterly meeting has been tentatively scheduled for April 19, 2012.

Meeting Minutes

Eura Szuwalski has volunteered to take meeting minutes.

Minutes submitted by Eura Szuwalski.