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Meeting Minutes: January 17, 2013

InfoEyes Meeting Minutes


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Linda Rossman, Julie Strange, Catherine Durivage, Dan Malosh, and Kim Charlson

Statistics Report:

Catherine presented the statistics figures for 2012. We answered 96 questions this past year, which is approximately three times the number of questions since two years ago in 2010. Figures for the last two years were 60 in 2011 and 32 for 2010. The members present were pleasantly surprised at this upswing in the number of questions.

Member Participation and Weekly Schedule:

Catherine will send out an email message to review the weekly schedule for the members. Currently Monday is Washington's day, Tuesday is Maryland's day, Wednesday will be handled by Massachusetts backups, James and Vicki Vogt, Thursday is Massachusetts (Linda), and Friday is Minnesota. Linda will add Vicki Vogt to the list of participating librarians as she will be the backup librarian, and she will remove Jo's name as she will no longer be working with our library in February.

InfoEyes Website Changes:

Dan has been a great asset to our project keeping the InfoEyes website up to date. He suggested that it might be good to remove individual names and emails from the public eye on the Participating Libraries page to protect individual's privacy, and he made that change during the meeting. He will also update the holiday schedule and add statistics for 2011 and 2012. Everyone present expressed our appreciation for Dan's website expertise and willingness to serve as our webmaster.

Checking QuestionPoint for Questions:

Linda reminded everyone to be sure to remember to check for questions on the day they are scheduled for the "desk." Even if the question did not come in on that particular day, people should still work on the question as they may have come in in the evening, etc. Everyone should pitch in as much as possible to cover the questions.

Other Business:

Linda reported that the Fiscal InfoEyes Account which is now being managed with Perkins as Fiscal Agent now has $558.21 in the account. The web hosting bill has now been paid, and the new name of the web hosting company is Media 309.

Action items that were agreed on at this meeting were:

Our next Advisory Committee meetings have been scheduled for 1:00p CST on:

Meeting Minutes

Minutes submitted by Linda Rossman.