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Meeting Minutes: June 13, 2013

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:

via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Catherine Durivage, Mandy Gonnsen, Herrick Heitman, Dan Malosh, Linda Rossman, and Julie Strange

Statistics Report:

We discussed the statistics. The Washington state librarians thought that it seemed the questions had been a little slower during the last month or so. However, Catherine's statistics report showed that numbers seemed to be similar to other recent months: 7 in March, 6 in April, and 7 in May.

InfoEyes Website Issues:

Next, Dan Malosh, our InfoEyes webmaster from Minnesota questioned whether member information should remain available to non-members or to anyone outside who is interested. Although he isn't able to make it password protected, he questioned if it is okay for it to be publicly accessible. Julie asked if there would be any problems with people seeing its contents, and Mandy from WA pointed out that " seems okay and might even be beneficial for patrons to see what's going on in the InfoEyes service." Linda added that InfoEyes has always had a very collaborative and open approach with interested patrons, and Catherine agreed. Julie suggested bringing the link into the footer, which people thought was an excellent idea.

Staffing Change:

Our group was very sorry to hear Julie's announcement that she will be leaving her position with Maryland's Ask Us Now service so will no longer be working with the InfoEyes team. All members wished her well and thanked her for her many contributions and all her support for InfoEyes. She assured the group that her successor would follow in her footsteps of providing support and partnership with InfoEyes. Julie has been so helpful to our project with her many great ideas and her creation of the InfoEyes logos which we are so happy to have for our service. We expressed how much we will miss Julie's energy, enthusiasm, and pro-active nature and wished her the best for the future.

Invoice Update:

Linda reviewed the status of the invoices for annual membership. She told the librarians that invoices for the yearly fee of $75.75 will go out early next week to our 4 member libraries, now that Perkins is the new fiscal agent. Linda said our Perkins Director Kim Charlson will send them by email with a backup hard copy if needed by libraries. Our members all said they would like to have the hard copies as well as email.


Linda reported that she had written the first draft for a publicity article to remind other NLS libraries of our service, but has not yet received feedback on this. WA librarians are looking forward to seeing this article.

InfoEyes does not currently have a secretary, and we would like to have a volunteer to serve as secretary. Linda is alternating with Catherine at the current time.

Our next quarterly InfoEyes Advisory Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 19th at the usual times.

Minutes submitted by Linda Rossman.