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Meeting Minutes: September 19, 2013

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Catherine Durivage, Mandy Gonnsen, Linda Rossman, Eura Szuwalski

Statistics Report:

Catherine reported on the Statistics for the summer. July was a very busy month with 16 questions, and August was not too far behind with 12 questions. Since the beginning of September, the number of questions has slowed down, which people thought might have to do with the start of school, etc. The Washington State Library will be rearranging their website to give more emphasis to InfoEyes Information and will be including an article in their newsletter, which will hopefully help generate more questions. Catherine mentioned that now that the state is tracked we will be able to tell how many questions can be traced to these publicity efforts.

Dan from Minnesota was not able to work on the website to make the intended changes for the member library section, but he will be getting to it when he is able. Statistics will also be posted on the website for the summer months of 2013.


Linda reported that Kim sent her apologies that the invoices for 2013 had not gone out, but they just were sent out in today's regular mail to the Minnesota, Washington, and Maryland Regional Libraries.

Other Business:

Linda reported that now there are 566 records in the Knowledge Database, and that most of these are the more substantive type questions that we want to save.

The next InfoEyes quarterly meeting is planned to be held on Thursday, December 19th.

Minutes submitted by Linda Rossman.