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Meeting Minutes: January 16, 2014

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Catherine Durivage, Mandy Gonnsen, Dan Malosh, Linda Rossman

Statistics Report:

Catherine presented the statistics report, which is now available on the website. Numbers have remained fairly consistent with last year's statistics. 97 questions were answered in 2013, and 96 were answered in 2012. We have many questions asked by a couple of the same patrons, but we are seeing some new email addresses coming in. We see it as a positive thing that some people keep coming back with more questions.

Website Update:

Dan Malosh reviewed the changes he has made to the InfoEyes Website. Participants are very impressed with the changes Dan has made both with the substantive changes and the appearance of the website. Some changes include:

Participants at the meeting all expressed their great appreciation for Dan's excellent work on our website. He has future plans to work with Question Point to make the patron question form more in keeping with the current style of the website.

Dan also brought up the possibility of the simple schedule of days which each library covers being added to the website, which the librarians present thought would be a good idea.

Other Business:

Linda asked if there were any questions about the process in answering questions. Mandy from Washington asked about when the question should be closed, and it was advised to close the questions right away when possible. Linda has updated the Knowledge database with the incoming questions, and there are now 588 questions. The last batch added still has to be made active in the database to be searchable.

Our next quarterly InfoEyes advisory Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 17th at the usual times.