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Meeting Minutes: July 17, 2014

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes July 17, 2014 via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Catherine Durivage, Dan Malosh, Linda Rossman

Statistics Report:

Catherine presented the statistics report, which is now available on our website. June was not quite as busy as May this year; we had 5 questions during June. People can check the website for the figures for previous months.


Linda gave a talk on InfoEyes at the 2014 KLAS Users' conference held at Perkins. Some interest was generated, and the librarian from Sacramento is putting a short article about the service into their newsletter. We have noticed a couple of new emails, which we've never seen; and Catherine mentioned perhaps it could be that the talk generated some new interest.


Linda will be working with Kim Charlson to send out the invoices for the coming year.

Our next quarterly InfoEyes advisory Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 16th at the usual times. We know summer is a busy time, but we're hoping to have more people present at the October meeting!

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Rossman
Reference Services Librarian, Perkins Library
Co-coordinator, InfoEyes
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02472