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Meeting Minutes: October 16, 2014

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
October 16, 2014
via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Catherine Durivage, Herrick Heitman, Linda Rossman

Statistics Report:

Catherine reported the latest statistics for 2014. She said that we had 6 questions in September with 61 questions so far total in 2014. The most we received in one month was in March with 11 questions.

Invoice and Fiscal Agent Report:

Linda reported on the invoices and the fiscal agent update. Invoices have been sent to all four participating libraries, including Perkins, Minnesota, Washington State, and Maryland. So far the invoices from Perkins and Washington have been paid, and hopefully we'll be receiving the others soon. We are appreciative of the continued participation of these 4 states in our Information service.

Linda also reported on the current total in the InfoEyes budget, and it's $791.31. The main expense is coming up in probably mid-November for the website hosting which was $239.40 last year and is the same for this year.

Website Question Form Update:

Catherine reported for Dan on the website updates. Dan is working with OCLC to make the question form more accessible. He has been talking quite a bit with OCLC staff to make the form better for all of our patrons, especially for the last question. The form is looking much better, and everyone at the meeting expressed appreciation to Dan for the great work he has done on the website.

Linda mentioned that she had been in touch with OCLC about the new QuestionPoint answer form, and that OCLC had let her know that there is really not a way to make the font bigger in the regular email form. However, most computer users can control the size of their font on their own computers, so it will hopefully not prove to be a problem. Catherine suggested that perhaps she would also check in with Dan about this.

Our next quarterly InfoEyes Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 16th at the usual times. We hope many of you will come to the next meeting!

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Rossman

Reference Services Librarian, Perkins Library
Co-coordinator, InfoEyes
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02472