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Meeting Minutes: January 15, 2015

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
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Catherine Durivage, Mandy Gonnsen, Herrick Heitman, Dan Malosh, Linda Rossman

Statistics Report:

Catherine reviewed statistics. Over the last year we've handled 74 questions and sent 78 responses. This is a slight drop off from the previous year, but still not too bad. The previous year we had a total of 97 questions. Catherine said it made sense since we now have less libraries participating.

Reporting on Need to Find New Website Hosting Service:

Our main item of business was to discuss the expiration of our web hosting by Media 309 by February 28th. Although they are still in business, they are now developing other services and will not be involved in web hosting. We agreed that research into a new service provider should take top priority, since we only have about 5 weeks or so to choose the provider and make the migration over to the new system. Luckily Dan Malosh, our webmaster and IT specialist who works with Catherine in Minnesota, was able to provide a summary of some state-of the art web hosting services that have been reviewed in sources such as PC Magazine.

Some of the considered reviews:

Linda stated that she was trying to read over the pros and cons, but Dan said that he does not need to worry about some of the "hand holding" aspects, so he can research the companies for us and give some recommendations on the best ones to meet our needs. All of us expressed our thanks for Dan's offering to take on this project, and we all appreciate his expertise. After Dan has done some initial research and investigating, Dan, Catherine, and Linda will meet to discuss our options.

Mandy, the Librarian from Washington State, asked if the member library fees would need to be increased. Catherine and Linda responded that we will try our best to keep the web hosting service to a similar cost to the one we've had which has been about $240 per year.

Linda also mentioned that she has called Media 309 about a rebate for the months that were paid for. That company responded that when we are up and running with a new provider, they will settle the account with a pro-rated amount for the months that they will no longer be providing us with services.

Next Meeting:

Our next regularly scheduled quarterly InfoEyes Advisory Committee meeting is Thursday, April 16th at the usual times. We hope many of you will come to the next meeting!

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Rossman

Reference Services Librarian, Perkins Library
Co-coordinator, InfoEyes
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02472