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Meeting Minutes: April 16, 2015

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes April 16, 2015 via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Catherine Durivage, Herrick Heitman, Dan Malosh, Linda Rossman

Statistics Report:

Dan has now uploaded the latest statistics into the website. Catherine reported we are staying pretty much on target with our figures from last year at this time. We received 7 questions in March, 7 in January, and 5 in February, with a total of 19 questions so far this year. We are noticing a few new users asking questions and have received a couple of challenging questions lately.

New Web Hosting Arrangement:

We discussed the new web hosting organization, Small Orange, to which InfoEyes has migrated. We are very pleased that this website hosting organization has decided not to charge us hosting fees as they consider us a non-profit and believe in our mission. They will only charge $15 per year for domain registration, which is a great benefit to InfoEyes.

The transition has been seamless to users, and InfoEyes did not experience any downtime. Dan has had some complications dealing with some of the administrative issues of domain transfer, but we are hoping all the issues will be settled when our domain registration is completed. Everyone in our organization is extremely appreciative of Dan's excellent handling of these issues!

Knowledge Base:

Linda reported that the Knowledge Base now has 646 records, and only six more need to be activated for public searching.

Fiscal Agent Report:

All four member libraries are currently up-to-date with membership dues for 2014-15 year. Our operating budget contains $659, and we will soon get a small rebate for the services which were not used when Media One cased to provide our web hosting service.

Other Business:

Catherine and Linda agreed with Dan's suggestion to send another meeting reminder the day before as well as the week before. Catherine offered to put it on her calendar to send the reminder.

The next quarterly advisory committee meeting has been set for Thursday, July 16th.