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Meeting Minutes: September 22, 2016

InfoEyes Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
via Online Meeting Room Provided by Accessible World


Catherine Durivage, Herrick Heitman, Dan Malosh, Linda Rossman

Statistics Report:

Catherine went over the statistics for the last couple of months and for the year. She will post the summer 2016 stats on the website. July was the busiest month with 11 questions. In August we had 8. We seem to have been keeping on track during the summer months. This year’s total number of questions was 54 so far.

Membership and Invoices:

Linda said that Perkins, as fiscal agent, will work on getting the invoices out within the next month or so for the current fiscal year. It was agreed that we would just send the invoices rather than also polling the membership through email.

We discussed the low cost for dues that the members in attendance were pleased to hear about. The cost for the next fiscal year will be $25 for each member library. The membership dues are so low because of the small hosting cost of Small Orange, our provider. Catherine mentioned that Small Orange has been extremely supportive of our mission, and Dan found that it has been working smoothly for the most part. Small Orange was going to be charging $75 for five years; but because of a credit we had, the hosting will only cost $40 for the next 5 years (through August 2021) Herrick also commented that this price is an extremely reasonable one.

Other Business

Linda asked if anyone had issues to discuss, and Herrick mentioned the problem of a few questions coming through which were not really questions, but just a bunch of links or sometimes “gibberish.” Catherine and Linda agreed that we should just close those types of questions right away and never open those links.

Catherine asked if we think scheduling the upcoming InfoEyes Advisory Committee meetings just twice a year instead of quarterly might be a good idea.. Everyone agreed, and Linda added we could always set up a special meeting if needed. People thought 2 meetings per year would work well, and Herrick liked the idea of meetings near the beginning and end of the year. So the next 2 meetings have been scheduled for Thursday, March 16th and Thursday, September 21st (2017).

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Rossman

Reference Services Librarian, Perkins Library
Co-coordinator, InfoEyes
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02472