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Problem Solving Tips

Handling the No-Typing, No-Talking Patron

Remember the patron may not be able to hear you either because of a computer problem (speakers not turned up enough, sound muted, no sound card - although most computers have a sound card) or they may be deaf. Of course many patrons won't have a microphone, or their mic may be plugged in wrong. If communication does not begin successfully, type and write the following scripts simultaneously after your written and oral greeting:

"Do you have a microphone? If so, you can hold down the CONTROL key while you're speaking, and I should be able to hear you."

"If you don't have a microphone you can type your message to me. To type, press ALT + T. That's the ALT key and the T key pressed at the same time. That will put you in the chat box. Then type your message, and hit ENTER to send it to me."

People might be typing and not hitting ENTER, or they may be typing away without having clicked in the chat screen.

Keyboard Commands

All of the keyboard commands for navigating around in iVocalize are listed in the "Window" menu. You may need to tell the patron what keystrokes to use. Blind users don't use a mouse. See NAVIGATIONAL/KEYSTROKE SCRIPTS.

When the patron does not exit the room after the reference transaction...

Highlight the patron's name and press ALT + F7 (simultaneously), or highlight the patron's name and click Moderator menu > Disconnect (Selected User)

No other patrons will be able to enter the reference room until the current patron leaves. It is a two seat room.

When the patron holds down the CONTROL key but is not speaking...

Press F6, or Moderator menu > clear from the queue (current speaker)

When you need access to scripts, but don't want to interrupt co-browsing, or to show the patron the scripts page...

Turn off synchronized browsing on the Moderator menu (F3). The patron still has access to the last page you sent.